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Desirable Characteristics for Christian Chat Room Moderators

Because TCF is a Christian chat site, moderators chosen, must exhibit characteristics consistent with the Christian life.

They will therefore:

1. Give evidence of a love for the Lord and a desire to serve Him, unselfishly, for His glory.
2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, and an ability and willingness, to give biblical answers when the opportunity arises.
3. Exhibit a love for TCF, and a continuing desire for it's success.
4. Show a willingness and ability to spend sufficient time in chat and on the message board to have a regular presence at TCF.
5. Demonstrate an ability to work in cooperation with other TCF staff members, for the good of TCF.
6. Exhibit a friendly demeanor and over all positive attitude in the chat room.
7. Familiarize himself with the posted rules of conduct and be a good example to other chat participants, by carefully following them.
8. Demonstrate the ability to use consistent and unbiased judgement when enforcing chatroom rules, and applying discipline among room participants, without malice.
9. Show a willingness and even a desire to listen to correction and instruction from other TCF staff members.

Not all moderators will excel in every one of these areas. And it is to be remembered, that as believers we are not all at the same level of maturity and spiritual growth. However a moderator should give some degree of evidence in each category.

It must be kept in mind, that TCF, ultimately belongs to the One true God of the Bible. And it exists for His honor and glory. As moderators therefore let us conduct ourselves in a way that honors God, and brings no shame upon TCF.

True Christian Forum Staff.

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