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The Christian Chat Forum's Christian Message Boards

Christian Message Boards are a great way for Christians to exchange ideas and information with other Christians. The following is a general description of our Christian Message Boards.

The General Christian Message Board is for Christian fellowship. Please post questions, or Christian Topics on this Christian Message Board.

The Prayer Request Christian Message Board is the Christian Message Board used to request prayers or post prayers for others.

Poems And Praise is the Christian Message Board to post poems, short stories, or other things you think the members of this Christian Message Board will enjoy.

The Marriage And Dating Christian Message Board. Please post your relationship questions and advise on this Christian Message Board.

Polls And Opinions Christian Message Board. This is a great way to let others know what youíre thinking, by voting in our Christian Polls and posting a comment to the messages on this Christian Message Board.

Introduce Yourselves Christian Message Board. Please let us know a little about yourself on this Christian Message Board, but remember not to post personal information like phone numbers addresses, or other information you donít want everyone on the internet to know.

The Trinity Christian Message Board The Trinity is a confusing issue for many, so we try to direct threads on that topic to this Christian message board, making it easier to locate threads on this important topic.

Godís Sovereign Grace Christian Message Board. The topic of God's Sovereign Grace and Free Will often come up on our Christian Message Boards. We try to direct those conversations to this Christian message board for those that want to find the truth from a Biblical Standpoint.

Christians Are Israel Message Board. Please use this Christian message board to talk about the identity of True Israel, or use this Christian Message Board to post your questions and comments about the tribes of Israel, the lost sheep of the house of Israel etc.

Holiday Talk is the Christian Message Board for talk about holidays. Ask questions post comments on this Christian Message Board about the origins of the holidays etc.

Please make sure youíre read the welcome message on our homepage and the rules page before you post on our Christian Message Boards. We reserve the right to delete any messages from our Christian Message Boards.

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Our Christian Message Boards Are Christian Message Boards, Not Judeo Christian Message Boards. There Is Nothing Judeo About True Christians.

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