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What Is Christian Identity?

It can be debated who first coined the term Christian Identity, with some claiming a preacher first used it. Others believe the term Christian Identity was first used by those that did not agree with the message preached by those with a set of beliefs labeled Christian Identity.

This article will not go into detail on the history of the term Christian Identity, but will address the core belief of Christian Identity. Christian Identity is not a cult with a leader and set of strict beliefs. Many Churches and individuals that believe the message labeled Christian Identity do not agree on much of anything else.

Some labeled Christian Identity think the antichrist are literal descendants of Satan, even though the majority of those labeled Christian Identity seem to reject that doctrine. Some labeled Christian Identity believe you have to be an Israelite to have a soul, but others reject that.

There is no statement of beliefs that everyone believing the core message labeled Christian Identity would agree with. Those labeled Christian Identity canít even agree if they should embrace the title Christian Identity.

The list of what those labeled Christian Identity would agree on is short, but the one thing I think all labeled Christian Identity would agree with, is Christians Are Israel.

This belief, that Christians are Israel, brings those that believe the message much persecution by those that hate the God of The Holy Bible, and those that believe the ones described as antichrist in the Holy Bible are His Chosen.

The core message labeled Christian Identity is based on facts. The masses reject this truth because they have been programmed with a set of beliefs and when they read the Holy Bible they are simply looking for justification for their beliefs.

There are many groups, churches and individuals that preach the core message labeled Christian Identity that prefer not to be labeled Christian Identity. Thatís in part because outside the core message, there are some people claiming the title of Christian Identity that have some beliefs that are not proven in the scriptures.

There is a lot of negative publicity and mean spirited things written about those labeled Christian Identity. This is to be expected by those antichrist that reject Jesus. Whatís sad is that people claiming the title of Judeo-Christian love every sort of evil people, but if you donít buy the lie that those that hate Jesus are not Godís chosen, itís like the unforgivable sin to them.

There is a double standard by those from the unbiblical Judeo-Christian religion. They would never blame everyone thatís a Judeo-Christian for the evils of a few Judeo-Christians, but if you donít embrace, love and claim the evil ones that reject Jesus are the chosen, youíll be blamed for every evil thing theyíve heard anyone that doesn't buy their lies has ever done.

The core message of Christian Identity is that Christians Are Israel. That core message is based on Biblical as well as historical facts. Those that believe this message can be found in most, if not all denominations. There is no need to embrace a title like Christian Identity to know the truth.

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The is not a Christian Identity Forum and our message board is not a Christian Identity Message Board, but you will find others here that believe the core message of Christian Identity. That core message is Christians Are Israel. There are websites and forums claiming the title of Christian Identity that believe in preaching only to the choir, even going as far as to ban anyone that would dare disagree with them on doctrines like the satanic seedline, but here we believe in also preaching to those that have never heard the True Gospel. If youíd like to lean more about the beliefs of the administrators of this website, please click on the articles link above. If youíd like to talk with other Christians, please visit our message board and chat room.

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