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Christian Israel Forum?
Christian Israel Message Board?

Weíve been asked in the past if we are a Christian Israel Forum. The administrators of this Christian Forum know the Christian Israel Message and The Identity of Godís Israel people. We welcome others that know the Christian Israel Message and the identity of Godís Israel People to our Christian Forum to share the Christian Israel Message with others on our Christian Forum as well as to fellowship with others that know the Christian Israel Truth.

If you know the Christian Israel Truth and are looking for a Christian Forum that believes the truth is more important than the numbers of members on a Christian Forum check out our links in the left hand column. The forums info links will take you to the articles section of the website where youíll see more about the beliefs of the administrators of this Christian Forum. If you click on the Christians Are Israel link, you can find Christian Israel Topics on that Christian Israel Forum.

Post Your Christian Israel Topics On This Christian Forum

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This Is A True Christian Forum, Not A Judeo Christian Forum. There Is Nothing Judeo About True Christians, Or This True Christian Forum.

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