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The Calvinist Friendly Christian Forum

We are often asked if our Christian Forum is a Calvinist Christian Forum, since our Christian Forum Moderators reject the doctrine of self salvation a.k.a. free will. We do not think of our Christian Forum as a Calvinist Forum, but Calvinists will find an environment where they can chat about their beliefs without the fear of being banned as they often experience on other Christian Forums. Even though we do not consider ourselves a Calvinist Forum those being rude to Calvinists on our Christian Forum are the ones that run the risk of being deleted, or banned . We donít consider our Christian Forum to be a Calvinist Forum, but we do consider our Christian Forum to be a Calvinist Friendly Christian Forum.

This article is in no way intended to define Calvinism, but I will attempt to post the basics of what those that consider themselves to be Calvinist believe. Calvinist reject the idea that humans can decide to choose God. Calvinist believe that God must intervene before someone is able to accept Him. Even though we donít consider our Christian Forum to be a Calvinist Forum and our Christian Chat Room is not a Calvinist chat room you will find messages posted by Calvinist on our Christian Forum, and Calvinists using our Chat Room.

The following is the five points of Calvinism also known by itís acronym TULIP

Total depravity

Unconditional election

Limited atonement

Irresistible grace

Perseverance of the saints

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