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What Is Christian Israel?

From time to time the term Christian Israel comes up and attempting to find out what the term means, where it came from, the basic doctrine etc. can be time consuming. In this short article I will attempt to address what Christian Israel means to most that use the term and then you may chose to move on to a more in depth study into the doctrines of those that believe Christians are Israel.

Christian Israel to some may be a self explanatory term. Itís the belief that Christians are Israel. Christian Israel is also used to identify someone that believes they are a descendant of physical Israel. Christians that believe they are just spiritual Israel will sometimes be asked if they are Christian Israel, but the question is really do you believe you are a Christian Israelite. History is full of Christians that believed they were physical Israel and there are thousands of books written on the topic.

The Core Christian Israel Message Is Christians Are Israel. God had divorced Israel and when Jesus died on the cross, God could re-marry Israel and keep his unconditional covenants with Israel. The lost tribes, or lost sheep of the house of Israel spoken of in the bible are now known as Christians. That is the core message of Christian Israel, but there is much more to the message of those that believe Christians are Israel.

There is no one statement of beliefs for everyone that believes Christians are Israel. Youíll find people that believe Christians are Physical Israel in most denominations. You will also find many Christian Israel Churches and bible study groups where everyone agrees with the core message. This article was only intended to give a basic explanation of what Christian Israel is. This article was not intended to be a study on the topic.

You may be wondering what the author of this article bases the opinions of this article on. I donít claim to speak for everyone that believes the Christian Israel Message and donít believe anyone can speak for all that believe The Christian Israel Message. This article is based on knowledge and personal opinions that have been gained and shaped over the years by reading hundreds of books by those that believe Christians are Israel, by attending bible camps and other Christian Israel Events and also visiting and attending several Churches over the years that preach the Christian Israel Message. My knowledge and opinions are not limited to those that Iím in agreement with. Iíve also spent many hours reasoning with those that believe the Christian Israel Message that I donít agree with on many issues.

This Article Was Submitted By Ken. Click Here For Other Articles

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